• Class Summary
    Class Description
    Abstract Mapper - mappers in this example extend this base class
    Customer Mapper - demonstrates MAPPER pattern
    In the first subsystem there exists a Person entity and an address entity.
    For some reason in a second subsystem a Customer entity exists including address information.
    This mapper is responsible for transparently mapping data between the two without giving one subsystem any knowledge of the other one.
    Neither of the subsystems is aware of the mapper.
    Data Manager - supplementary class for MAPPER demonstration, this is rather a placeholder for some way to deal with the database.
    Mapper Test - demonstrates MAPPER pattern.
    Session - supplementary class for MAPPER demonstration
    According to Martin Fowler the mapper can't be invoked directly by either of the two components it is connected to, because they both don't even know of the mapper.
    One solution is a third party driving the mapper.